Artvigil is acknowledged for its high potency. It is considered among the most effective generic Armodafinil products. Its manufacturer HAB Pharmaceuticals is well-known in the pharmaceutical world for producing low-priced generic drugs of high quality. Artvigil provides the user with the most intense effects Armodafinil has to offer. Expect a profound feeling of alertness and focus throughout the whole day.


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Artvigil Specifics


Artvigil is the Armodafinil product of HAB Pharma. The manufacturer ensures high quality for the lowest prices. On that account, Artvigil is one of the main competitors of Waklert in popular generic Armodafinil brands. With a competitive price and even more competitive effects, Artvigil quickly gained support in the sector of smart drugs.

The duration of effects is approximately the same as Waklert (14 to 16 hours). Just like Waklert, doses usually vary between 75mg and 150mg. Although Artvigil is considered by some to be an even stronger variant. However, making a precise comparison between Artvigil and Waklert is impossible. Personal preferences for a certain product are usually a result of biological individual differences. Both products bring about the most pure effects Armodafinil has to offer. You can count on inexhaustible mental strength which leads to significant improvements in productivity.

Intake is recommended in the beginning of the day. These products have stimulating effects that can disrupt sleeping patterns. Do not exceed the limit of 225mg to 300mg per day.

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